Living Is Frickin’ Weirder

So if Dying is Weird, which happens to be the title of my new book, living is frickin’ weirder, as my granddaughter Kate so aptly put it. Take my book for instance.  Ten years of writing and setting it aside until one day I pulled it out of storage and gave it to several people to review. I got such positive feedback that I  immediately worked on finishing my story.  In the meantime my daughter-in-law and  I decided to go to a Healing Conference in a nearby state. At that conference we met Dr. Vernon Sylvest,  Author of; The End of Fear – The Path to Freedom with The Formula.   I asked Dr. Sylvest if he would have time to read my manuscript after the conference.  He said he would and within a week he had gotten back to me and said my story should be published.  There-in lies the problem, this was my first book.  I had no experience in publishing, editing or promoting.  Nothing. I knew no authors personally to ask questions except  Dr. Sylvest.  He gave me the name of his publishing company, the owners phone number and said call them and tell them I referred you.  That afternoon in late September 2014, they accepted my manuscript and the next week I was told it would be published.  Five months later the book was out!

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