After reading my book, Dying is Weird, my cousin Jo shared this story with me.

My brother Jim passed away on August 27th, 2014.  He was always telling me and a few others, how when he was a kid, playing outside, he found some pennies stacked one on top of the other on the sidewalk.  He ran in and told our Mom that he found this stack of pennies and she scolded him and said, “Jim you know you didn’t find those pennies stacked up like that.  You took them from my purse or one of the banks.”

When he was older he admitted he took the pennies from the house and the memory of it would make him laugh.  If he told me that story once he told me 50 times throughout his life.  I would stop him and say, “Jim, I know that story by heart, you have told me a thousand times how they were stacked up.  Really!”

Two weeks after he passed away I was at the Casino where Jim and I often went. I started walking toward a dollar machine and sat down to play. It was then I noticed something in the tray of the machine.  There was a stack of  pennies in the tray, just the way he had always described them.  I was so shocked I just grabbed the pennies and threw them in my purse.  In my excitement, I forgot to count them or look at the dates.  My brother Jim did that, I know!  He had to tell me one more time about his stack of pennies.

Josephine Gussert Schreiner

2 thoughts on “Pennies

  1. Kirk Miller says:

    What a great story!!
    Here’s one on topic I hope: With the passing of my Grandmother, Mary Louise (Jossart) Miller, we all started to notice things, but one story really sticks out as a divine intervention. I had driven home to Green Bay to spend time with the family in March. One Saturday morning we talked about going to get some breakfast at the same place we have gone to for over 20 year, Our Family restaurant on Broadway. It’s a dive, and I’m being kind. They at one point actually had painted toilet seats on the wall as art! Also, on the white board with the specials one weekend, they listed a kids special. It read, “deep fried mac and cheese”. Yeah, it’s that kind of place. My mom started going there after working the 3rd shift with her colleagues. She discovered that they had the exact same recipe for Strawberry pancakes as “The Pancake Place” on Main Street, where my mom used to work before going back to school for nursing. They are good, but you will get diabetes by the 4th bite. That one morning in March I asked my mom and dad if we could mix it up a bit and go somewhere different. Something was telling me to go somewhere else and I just wasn’t in the mood to check out the new art collection at Our Family Restaurant. I suggested we go to The Original Pancake House on Military which was also owned by the same family and would have the same recipe. We arrived and I went in to tell the host that the Miller party had arrived (I called in to get our name on the list, a taboo act only reserved for the bold and people from Illinois). As I am walking through the very large crowd waiting, no begging, for tables, I pass Mary Ellen Brown, my dad’s cousin who lives in Manitowoc with her husband Tony. We haven’t all seen each other for years, but that one morning, we added two seats to our “reservation” and shared a great breakfast catching up. We are convinced that Mary and her sister Rita were telling us from the Great Beyond that family should spend more time together. Message received Grandma and Aunt Rita. Will do!


    • Kathy says:

      Kirk, thanks for the great story. I agree we are nudged at times in many different ways if we listen to that inner voice and prompting, which you did. Sharing stories like this lifts our hearts and spirits as we remember those near and dear to us.

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