My Irish – Scottish Dad loved birds, animals and music, just to name a few things. Oh! and beer, especially beer.

On one occasion, my cousin Ed stopped by my folk’s house early one morning to pick up my elderly dad for a ride to town. Ed needed groceries. Dad needed a beer or two. In the meantime a neighbor called my mother to see if she would like to go for a drive around dusk to look for deer. This was a frequent pastime in our rural area. Just as my mom was getting ready to leave, Ed and my dad arrived home. Dad was feeling no pain. He could barely walk from too much beer. Mom was frantic thinking the neighbors would see my dad inebriated, so she rushed to get a wheelbarrow from the shed and pushed it over to Ed’s truck. They loaded up my dad and the two of them pushed him into the back porch. Just as Ed was leaving, the neighbor drove up. Mom grabbed her purse and left my dad in the wheelbarrow hollering for help. He rocked the wheelbarrow long enough for it to tip, landing on the floor. Unable to get up, he crawled into the house. He was waiting when my mom arrived home. “Drunk again Tom!” she said. Dad looked up at her, “Me too Rose, me too.”

Dying is Weird – A Journey of Enlightenment

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