Kathleen Westberg, the author of “Dying is Weird: A Journey of Enlightenment,” has led an extraordinary life.  She was shaped by being raised in a rural, stoic Midwestern environment and having an encounter with death at an early age.   After spending decades working in hospitals, clinics and hospice care settings, Kathleen’s family relationships and unique experiences with death led her to seek new experiences and answers about communications she had with loved ones who passed on.  As Kathleen grew in her spiritual awareness, clairvoyance, telepathy and healing, she was able to integrate her new understanding in both her personal and professional life, while outgrowing many of the limiting beliefs that she had been raised with.  While Kathleen’s friends often misunderstood her, Kathleen nonetheless eagerly read many books and took classes on subjects ranging from Healing Touch and Swedish Massage to MariEl Reiki, Eric Pearl’s Reconnective Healing and Dr. Serge King’s work on Polynesian Shamanism. She even experienced a Native American sweat lodge ceremony (with her perplexed husband, no less!).  As a natural outgrowth to working in hospitals, clinics and hospices, Kathleen set up her own massage and healing practice in her home, and she was often able to help family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and new clients that were referred to her.  And now this great-grandmother shows no signs of slowing down, as she has felt compelled to dispel her wisdom and life experience through writing a very personal, humorous and insightful book about her life.

Kathleen hopes that when people read her book “Dying is Weird: A Journey of Enlightenment,” they will gain a deeper sense of trust and an affirmation that life carries on after the transition that we think of as “death.”  It is a down-to-earth book, full of Midwestern honesty and clarity, but it is also a universal story with beautiful lessons for people of all backgrounds and walks of life.

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“I want people to understand that death is not the end of life – that we are transformed by death, and somehow our consciousness or awareness carries on in a spiritual dimension or existence.  By opening our minds to receiving messages through our dreams, and through our inner senses, we can change and minimize our fear of death…  When we love more and laugh more, that connection never ceases to exist. I can feel it coming back to me through the ethers.”

        Kathleen Westberg

Dying is Weird: A Journey of Enlightenment is published by 1st World Publishing and is available in hardcover and paperback editions on Amazon.  You can also download it for Kindle.

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