Reflections on Death, Spirituality & Healing

Lunar Eclipse and Tree

Writing Dying is Weird: A Journey of Enlightenment has been a labor of love for me and it is the culmination of many life lessons and experiences. It is a very personal story about my family, my relationship with my mother and father throughout their lives and the death and spiritual transitions of beloved members of my family. As I’ve grown in my own inner awareness and understanding, I found myself communicating with my mother and father even after they left their physical bodies, and in some ways I’ve been able to help loved ones to continue to grow and evolve after they left our physical world.

How is it that we are able to communicate with our loved ones after they die? In some ways, my openness to death and my ability to reach between these spiritual dimensions is somewhat natural to me, and it started when I was only 11. But over the years I’ve also taken classes and worked at developing clairvoyance and intuition, and I’m convinced other people can have similar experiences. I’ve approached these questions from my own personal experiences, but I’m also exploring this transcendent consciousness from other perspectives. I believe that many people can relate to my book, because we are perceiving, feeling and experiencing similar things, each in our own way. I believe we can all learn from each other, and we can come to see death in a new light – with a sense of joy, love, continuity and understanding.

Our concepts and spiritual experiences with death have become so pervasive that new terms are being used, such as NDE – Near Death Experiences and OBE Out-of-the-Body Experiences; even the word “karma” has become common since the 70s. Many conversations and experiences of people who were revived after being clinically dead have become commonly accepted as part of popular culture. From a neurologist writing a book about his own clinical death, to Deepak Chopra’s book on Life After Death: The Burden of Proof  to the many in depth teachings of Edgar Cayce on spirituality and the afterlife, there are more people talking about and sharing these ideas than even before. So many people are touching transcendent dimensions related to death, I thought it would be worthwhile to explore some of these conversations. It seems we are all traveling to the same destination, and we are traversing and mapping the same territory in different ways.

Deepak Chopra and other doctors, scientists, sages and yogis often talk about the brain and the idea of the human  consciousness being non-local – it cannot be located in a specific part of the brain. Scientists can study brain activity, but they cannot identify what consciousness is perceiving through our senses or what is registering our thoughts, memories and ideas. If this non-local human awareness is not biological, then it has to continue in some form of awareness after the death of the brain. This is another way of saying we experience consciousness and thought through our brain, but it doesn’t have a specific location. And oddly enough, while I found Deepak’s videos enlightening, I was amazed to come across a video conversation with Jim Carrey and Jerry Seinfeld roaring around in a Lamborghini, where Jim Carrey also speaks about his consciousness being “non-local,” as well as how he believes death will be an “awesome” spiritual experience. I thought this would be a good reference point for exploring an extended journey of spiritual awareness. Beyond Jim Carrey’s crazy, ingenious, wacky personality as a comedian, there’s a lot of profound thought and wisdom in his heart.

I have taken many classes and studied with many teachers, but the most profound influence on my awareness and personal growth has been through Edgar Cayce and the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.).  I’ve written a post specifically about Edgar Cayce and his legacy of healing to provide some of the deeper background to my clairvoyance and understanding of death.  Hence the final section, “Edgar Cayce, Jim Carrey & Deepak Chopra” is an attempt to bring many of these concepts and experiences together and to show how a new, more hopeful vision of death is emerging. I’ll be adding more blog posts, videos, reviews or podcasts with time; I hope you find these blog posts insightful, and comments, personal stories, anecdotes and experiences are welcome!

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Dying is Weird: A Journey of Enlightenment is published by 1st World Publishing and is available in hardcover and paperback editions on Amazon.  You can also download it for Kindle.

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